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Spotlight Series: Executive Producer, Concepcion Alicino 

Executive Producer, Concepcion Alicino

Our very first Secondhand Hearts spotlight rightfully goes to our executive producer, Connie Alicino. Originally from Tijuana, Mexico, and an active member of PGA (Producers Guild of America), Connie is currently working on Skull Island, and carried 10 years of experience in production work. Her vast resume includes feature films Snowden, Big Eyes, Point Break, and winning TV series LOST. Connie got involved with Secondhand Hearts after director and co-worker Austin Everett approached her about producing his film, and before long, she was leaving the tropical shores of Hawaii to film in Orem, Utah. Connie says her favorite moment on set was when she was able to sit back and admire everyone being in tune with their surroundings and creating art together. Also, she says, "when Cooper freaked out about one of the plot twists." Can we blame him? Connie currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, and plans to continue making movies well into the future!

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