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Spotlight Series: Lead Actor, Jericho Lopez

Lead actor Jericho Lopez, who plays "Kenneth" in Secondhand Hearts.

Second in our spotlight series is actor Jericho Lopez from Honolulu, Hawaii. Jericho started performing lead roles at 16 in Schoolhouse Rock Live!, Honk, and Honolulu Broadway Babies, and placed top 10 for Humorous Interpretation in the 2008 National Speech and Debate Tournament. Recent film credits include Kenneth in Secondhand Hearts, Get the Girl, and Pick Your Own Adventure: A Mountain West Murder. When asked how Jericho got involved in Secondhand Hearts, he said, "Austin called me via cell phone. I said hello. He said hello back. He asked if I wanted to be a part of something magical that could potentially transform me and change my life. I said, 'YESOHMYGOSHPLEASETELLMEMOREIAMEXCITED.' And that's how it started." Jericho says his favorite moment on set was the dinner scene. "I know we weren't supposed to be really eating the food, but every now and then I snuck in a couple more bites when no one else was looking. #continuityissues #freefood." Why are we not surprised? Jericho currently lives in Utah with his beautiful wife and their hairy dog, Harry.

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