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Spotlight Series: 1st AD, Scott James

Scott James, Assistant Director of  Secondhand Hearts

Scott James, Assistant Director of Secondhand Hearts

From Springville, Utah, Assistant Director Scott James comes from a background of various student films and nationally-aired commercials. Currently attending BYU as a student, Scott got involved in Secondhand Hearts through a referral from a fellow crew member and was hired after meeting with Director Austin Everett. If you need proof that he makes a perfect AD, Scott describes his favorite moment on set like this: "For me, it's hard to beat ending ahead of schedule--it's like Christmas. It validates that I've done my job well and everybody is always in a good mood when they get to go home early." Need we say more? Scott's future plans are three fold: 1) Develop his skills in film and production even further at BYU, 2) Gain a few years of practical experience in the field, and 3) Get a Masters degree to enrich his experience and knowledge. "End game? Still really open. I kind of have this desire to go into politics, specifically becoming a mayor somewhere, or perhaps overseeing the operations of several businesses that I have co-founded, or, best option, to become the VP of Development at Lucasfilm." On that note...we're currently praying we'll be on his good side when he takes over the world. It's been great to have Scott on the team!

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