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Spotlight Series: Ward L. Wright, Supporting Actor

Ward L. Wright, who plays Morris in  Secondhand Hearts

Ward L. Wright, who plays Morris in Secondhand Hearts

After receiving a BFA and then an MFA in acting, Ward Wright went to to work as an active member of Actor's equity union for 12 years. He has performed on the stages of Kansas City Rep, The Heartland Theater, Coterie Theater, Unicorn Theater, and with Pioneer Theater company. His film and TV credits are also numerous, including Touched by an Angel, Promised Land, various TV movies, and, of course, our very own Morris in Secondhand Hearts. Ward says he got involved with Secondhand Hearts when Director Austin Everett, a former student of his, reached out to him with the script. After reading it, Ward thought, "Heck yeah!" Ward says his favorite moment on set was the first day. "I realized we all hit it off and became good friends from the get-go!" Ain't that the truth. Ward's future plans are to continue to work at BYU, creating art and meaningful friendships along the way!

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