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Spotlight Series: Josh Contor, Gaffer

Josh Contor, Secondhand Hearts Gaffer

Josh Contor, Secondhand Hearts Gaffer

Josh Contor, Secondhand Heart's illustrious gaffer, has been making movies since the 8th grade--he loves it! Initially getting involved with Secondhand Hearts because of his previous work and friendship with director Austin Everett, Josh went to BYU film school and has worked on previous projects with Austin as well as various others. Josh says his favorite thing about working on this movie so far is his gaffing crew. "They're so cool and work so hard. I love messing around with our grip gear to control the light and create beautiful images. I love watching a scene come together, the cameras and lights arrive at the same time as the actors, then the slate goes in and we all hope it might be magical... it's methodical, but also spontaneous and requires lateral thinking to get the best results." Josh says that he's "glad to be back with the gang again! Love this crew, really want to see this project come together. Rock it, guys." We're lucky to have you on board, Josh!

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