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Spotlight Series: Ben Isaacs, Lead Actor

Ben Isaacs, who plays Ben in Secondhand Hearts.

Ben Isaacs, who plays Ben in Secondhand Hearts.

A graduate from BYU with a BFA in Music Dance Theater, Ben Isaacs plays the leading role of Ben in Secondhand Hearts. Ben's favorite film roles include Tristan in Boy With Blue and Fork in Waffle StreetRecent stage credits in Macbeth in Macbeth, John Proctor in The Crucibleand The Common Man in A Man For All SeasonsBen says he got involved with Secondhand Hearts over two years ago when Austin approached him about the script he has been working on. Fun fact: according to Director Austin Everett, the role of Ben in the movie was partially inspired by our very own real-life Ben. Do you think we've said "Ben" enough in this spotlight so far? Ben says his favorite moment on set was shooting in the bedroom in Osaka, Japan. "I really felt like those scenes were so organic and true," he says. Ben's future plans include being a professional actor and eventually going to grad school. Most importantly, he plans to eat lots of french fries and burgers along the way. Ben enjoys hiking, rock climbing, playing guitar, and gaming. It's been an honor to have Ben--real-life Ben and pretend Ben--as part of the Secondhand Hearts family.

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