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#secondhandheartsgiveaway: A vacation to O'ahu

Win a free trip to Hawaii!* You can do this with two easy steps:

1) Back us on Kickstarter for $25 or more.

2) Share our Kickstarter link our giveaway picture that's already posted on all of our social media sights. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram--or all of the above, if you're feeling ambitious. Use the hashtag #secondhandheartsgiveaway.

And that's it! If the Kickstarter is successfully funded, we will announce the winners on December 31st!

*The trip includes airfare for one person, lodging for 3 nights in Waikiki, and a personal tour of O'ahu with Director Austin Everett.

**If you've already backed us with $25 or more but still want to enter this giveaway, have no fear! Simply share our kickstarter link (or our giveaway image already posted on all of our social media sites).

FINE PRINT: Must fly from within the US to be eligible. If already located in Hawaii, arrangements to the Utah premiere in August 2016 can be provided in exchange. This reward is only available if the Kickstarter is successfully funded.

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