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Spotlight Series: Lane Russell, Camera Operator

Lane Russell as Secondhand Hearts Camera Op

Lane Russell as Secondhand Hearts Camera Op

Secondhand Heart's Lane Russell has worked as a Director, DP, and Camera Op in the film industry for about 6 years now. As to how he got involved with Secondhand Hearts, Lane says, "as with the rest of the cast and crew, there was never a linear moment in time when I got involved with Secondhand Hearts. Instead, it has simply always been a part of me; and I a part of it." Deep. Lane says his favorite moment on set so far was when "I insisted that I operate the Movi shot since I was the camera operator. But then, after one take, I gave it to Casey because my back hurt. It wasn't the weight of the camera that hurt my back, but rather the weight of Casey's disapproval of my shot." As for his future plans, Lane runs a small commercial production company, and hopes to continue making a living directing commercials. He has also been working on a Sci-fi feature for about 3 years that he hopes to eventually direct. Lane also wanted to add--plug your ears, Jericho--that, "the cast of this movie is fantastic. All of them are great people and such talented actors. It was a treat to work with them on set. Except for Jericho. He's the worst." Oh, Lane. We're so glad you're part of this movie with us. If only to keep Jericho in his place.

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