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Spotlight Series: Cooper Epps, Grip/Electric

Cooper Epps. Grip, electric, and shark tamer.

Cooper Epps. Grip, electric, and shark tamer.

Cooper Epps is a BYU student and professional video editor who has worked grip, electric, and camera on various film projects and commercials. He says his favorite part on set so far has been "being so surprised at all the plot twists. Which was my own fault...but I loved it...CRAZY STUFF AM I RIGHT." Quite. Cooper's future plans include rocking the BYU advertising program and working to inspire positive social change through his ~skills~. Cooper says that Secondhand Hearts "was easily the coolest project I've had the chance to [work on]. I'm stoked to see the finished product, and I can't wait to help finish filming!" We can't either! Thanks for being part of the Secondhand Hearts family, Cooper!

(310) 717-2147